Anonymous: Wow,amei aqui :)) cê tem namorada?

Obrigada haha Não. 

December 20th / 2 notes

Anonymous: As raparigas são o melhor do mundo!

Então tá kkkkkk

December 16th / 1 note

Anonymous: where are you from?


December 16th / 2 notes

off-the-r4ces: Amei aqui. <3

Obrigada! <3

December 12th / 4 notes

Anonymous: are you dating?

No, I broke up a few months ago.

December 11th / 2 notes

Anonymous: How would one find a mate?

That’s something really difficult and personal. Only yourself know what tipe of person you like. So…

December 11th / 0 notes

Anonymous: I'm bi, and I would love to have a girlfriend, but the two I've been with have turned out to be slutty. I'm not saying its true for all bi/les girls but most of them I know are slutty and its really frustrating. I don't know how to find the right girl or where. Any advice? I am openly bi.

Oh yeah, I DEFINITELY know how sluttly they can be! But the only thing to do when you broke up is to be alone for some time (like me, thats what I’m doing haha) With time you will find someone, don’t worry!

December 11th / 6 notes